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tv   Headline News  RT  January 15, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the. tight security surrounds the second day of egypt's constitution referendum after the first round was marred by deadly violence and claims that the vote no campaign has been silenced. the euro could become a burning building with no exits reform or decline britain's treasury chief warns the european union doubt the u.k. will quit if nothing's done to fix the blocks flagging competitiveness. and warping the way of the u.s. communication giant empowered to govern internet traffic jam at the go ahead to let some online services jump the queue at the expense of others.
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watching our senior national coming to you live from moscow with me marina joshie welcome to the program a second and final day of voting is underway in edge it on whether to accept another new constitution critics say yes result will serve to secure the military's grip on future government the ousted muslim brotherhood refuses to take part calling it a sham referendum puts the army before the people violence during day one of the ballot killed eleven people is in cairo. well addictions are once again in the polling stations for a second day on this referendum on the constitution people behind it so are this interim government and also the military and then the people who stand to gain the most if this is a guess votes and if there's a heinz hand outs in particular the military does this key articles within this constitution which would cement military power over the civilian states' military trials for civilians will be allowed the military budget will be kept secrets and crucially the appointment of the defense minister will have to be approved by
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egypt's the supremes currents of the armed forces which basically means the minute you be able to veto a decisions by the president's now this is worry quite as if you rights groups and also activists you've said that this was centrally cause and military state within a state but really the biggest opponents the constitution arguments the brotherhood and the supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi they say the whole process is intimate and has been a very tentative no vote campaign which hasn't really been allowed to express itself over the course of the last week this is something that people are saying is causing you know causing a real problem here in the referendum as it's really only a yes votes allowed in egypt high turnout in a yes vote would be a stamp of approval from the states on that minute you authored political road map which they put in place into light and would see parliamentary and presidential elections of course this could also pave the way for egypt's the factory leader and forces chief general sisi to run for president he's already expressed interest in doing that we have a similar situation under the former president mohamed morsi when he pressed
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through his constitutional two thousand and twelve constitution which basically any all his decrees from judicial peel gave themselves you can get thirty and he actually immunize the body that was drafting his constitution from being dissolved by any judicial body of a missing brotherhood and his supporters that do not recognize the current constitution as they still believe the two thousand and twelve constitution should be in place so they are boycotting at the moment and we spoke to a spokesperson of the mr brotherhood to ask them what their positions. this constitution make egypt a military state these concession make it the bully's state otherwise you can consider that. in a state of that egypt has an army you can say that gives an army has a state this is the reality of this kind of cause of fusion however there is a sentiment here in the streets of egypt people want the country to move forward after six very difficult and bloody months. in the program the residents rising up
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to stop their town from turfing out their poorest citizens. we report from northern spain where around a road has escalated into riots about displacing low income families. and the man in charge of britain's finances has given the e.u. a dressing down telling the brussels behemoths that it's declining and needs an urgent overhaul george osborne was addressing a think tank on europe when he also warned that the u.k. will pull out if the e.u. fails to reform itself lord smith has the details said europe's like a burning building was no basically he sees the political bloc as falling behind india and china overspending on welfare becoming less and less compared to the economic and political bloc in decline domestically of course here in the u.k. the e.u. is losing popularity people say it's very expensive increasingly power hungry and
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also the originator of an awful lot of red tape but also one central message today was that the u.k. is not pushing for reform for its own sake oh no it's pushing for reform for everybody else's sake for europe's sake as a whole so he was talking about the tabling of legal challenges a year pin course of justice he said it's not european but in fact it's a way of preserving values that traditionally seem to be european such as known discrimination he talked about the calling for rejection of the financial services reform which of course includes a cap on bankers' bonuses which is quite controversial here in the u.k. because london competes with new york and hong kong it's not competing inside europe and anything that damages the city of london also damages london also damages europe as a whole he is george osborne summing up for his central message was some on the continent like to assume this is just the u.k. pursuing its own self interest of the expense of the collective good. but it's the
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opposite if we cannot protect the collective interests of norm you're is a member states then they will have to choose between joining the euro which the u.k. will not do or leaving the european union and these rifts and these calls for reform between a number of people and opening up the latest is a introduced in more human rights since the u.k. in fact brussels has talked about imposing the charter of human rights on all its member countries which would possibly mean legal challenges to businesses and to government the u.k. already opted out of that in nine hundred ninety eight so the government is sort of like going back into the past and doing something again and that's the latest in a in a long line of proposals as brussels tries to ramp up the political union inside the political integration george osborne's message on the message of the conservative party here in the u.k. as a whole is reform or die un calls for britain to help out tens of thousands of syria's
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most desperate refugees are falling on deaf ears despite the u.k.'s massive efforts to aid the rebels fighting the syrian regime it's proving not so quick to help resettle those displaced by deadly violence that are still you know reports. extreme humanitarian suffering there is a humanitarian crisis britain is leading the way with humanitarian support but some might wonder whether it actually is the u.k. has committed five hundred million pounds of aid that's to assist syria's neighbors like lebanon jordan turkey and iraq cope with the sheer number of refugees but that as far as it's willing to go the u.k. has been criticized for. appeal to syrians fleeing the conflict despite calls to open its doors for now why answer is no the latest count more than two million syrian refugees are on the borders of neighboring countries. not just.
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on the. concert shared by seventeen other nations who've said yes it's hard to understand why they're taking this position given that this is something that we have done the past problems the conflict in the balkans with thousands of kosovo. i fear that there may may be domestic emigration considerations that is influencing this come slap in the middle of a political climate and a national mood that's increasingly wary of anyone coming through the door we already have accepted a number of we have except i think about one thousand five hundred asylum seekers that is a fact we've just shaking his head it is a fact that we have accepted hundreds and hundreds of individual asylum seekers from syria but factually speaking the un's most recent request is that countries
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all for resettlement places for people who are still stuck in the region which does not include the fifteen hundred nick clegg says of apply for asylum in britain what the un has asked for is over and above. of commitment in international david camm. when his cause a serious friend called this a refugee refugee crisis of our time in recognition of. the u.k. would respond does or sylvia r.t. london russia's foreign ministry says the reluctance of the syrian opposition to take part in peace talks is the main obstacle on the way to ending bloodshed that says a major donors conference is taking place in kuwait as part of a u.n. appeal to raise six point five billion dollars for struggling syrian civilians the largest aid appeal in the organisation's history but it's also claimed doubts the refugee crisis is being used by some countries to push their own agendas in syria you have been ignored when it's convenient and it's been quarters were nowhere near when they're playing along with the game and they really don't have the say in
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anything if everyone gave them to the refugees or there would be no more emergency gives the whole syrian issue more often memphis's when you have refugees suffering the governments can claim to their citizens or they really need to go in and help as we know nato did in libya and they tried to do that in syria recently. in other developments in syria damascus claims that western intelligence agencies have been to the city to discuss the radical group spying president said syria's deputy foreign minister suspects there is a rift between politicians and intelligence communities in some western countries that have been calling for us to go the growth of islamist militants among rebel groups is causing international concern was foreign militants arriving from europe and the u.s. . a wave of bombings in iraq has killed at least fifty nine people in baghdad and the northern city of baquba the worst attack eighteen people die when
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a suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral procession the u.n. says over five hundred people have been killed this month alone while last year proved to be iraq's deadliest year since two thousand and eight and there is a continuing standoff between the iraqi army and al-qaeda linked militants have been in control of the city of fallujah for more than a week now in today's breaking the seven r t abby martin looks at who is to blame for how the situation is unfolding. last week al qaeda militants took control of the iraqi cities of ramadi and fallujah after days of nonstop violence according to independent iraqi news agency what i would rock three hundred seventy people have died in just the last ten days all about numbers hard to verify considering how bodies are not being taken to the morgue and instead excluded from official death counts you may remember fallujah as one of the primary deadly battleground during the height of the u.s. occupation so what is the fall of the city signify for not only the progress of
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iraq but the region as a whole joining me now to discuss is eugene career ordinator for the answer coalition thank you so much for coming on metal thank you so much for having me so you jeanne what the main factors that contribute to the near failed state of iraq today well i think the key factor that we have to mention is that the occupation of iraq by the united states fundamentally destabilize the country the united states just completely disassembled the iraqi state as it existed and not only. didn't really put anything in place but actually set up a structure which made it a sort of bit official for forces to become more at the serial to divide along sectarian and other sorts of lines of what we're seeing now is the real fruits of all of these time bombs land mines that were set by the us occupation. when we come back how job hunting in france is more about beauty than brains competition for work is fear is somehow can say they've been cast out because
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literally their faces don't fit well here their story after the break don't go away . when you're followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of someone this is the beginning of the end of your freedom. those two units a new team really intercept american citizens'. text message use you know. where the calls text messages so you just. see everything about my knowledge thankfully basically and that's all legal absolutely legal yes when you bear back with the internet you're back with big brother. wealthy british style it's time to write. for the. markets why not.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on our. welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow now one of the internet's founding principles was that there was equal access to all online but it seems that's not good enough for us federal court scrapping net neutrality it's granted internet providers the power to rule web traffic and decide for themselves who gets to jump the queue now it means the biggest companies can get their hands on the bulk of web surfers and could mean that new online services or those not willing to pay to broad band network
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providers like verizon or comcast could find speeds held bad or could even be blocked the ruling was pushed by horizon which is one of america's largest mobile phone operators and telecoms providers activist accuse it of tearing a vibrant web into money spinning cable t.v. operation civil advocacy campaigner todd o'boyle says consumers a start up services are the biggest losers. i think the biggest implication potentially is for content providers and for innovation we know that the innovations flourished online because while players have had equal access to consumers as of this ruling a big company like rising can strike a deal with a video service make a partner deal with them so that their content would always be delivered more quickly that makes it difficult for the next startup to get started if that decision is left unchallenged then there's nothing really stopping from that
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service provider from blocking access to specific content and if you block access to the most important online social organizing tools it may impact what they're able even to say and how they can connect to communicate so absolutely there are startling free speech concerns here and just when you thought america's spying capabilities couldn't get any of why there it seems that you don't even need to be aligned for the n.s.a. to sift through private data but tell you how on our t.v. dot com. plots me down dried amigo able to find it and fetch objects as well as learn new skills without people present and it's hope that this robotic friend could prove a useful system to people with disabilities. right from the scene. first for you and i would think that you're.
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on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the know what. residents of a town in northern spain have been venting their anger over government plans for a road which local say will force the poorest out of their homes. its assets have to be rallying over a project to revamp a boulevard in bourg asked at a cost to taxpayers of up to thirty million euros there were dozens of arrests as angry residents clashed with police and disrupted construction work one political analyst told us the events in bring us mirror of the situation nationwide during the current severe recession. the demonstrators say that they will continue. protesting against this project because they they still don't believe that it's
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going to be with the reason why people are so angry specifically because just in feet with the current situation of austerity of cutbacks seen in services this is an area which has suffered from those cutbacks a public service just recently so people they say they prefer to have schools and hospitals rather than parking lots this is a very conservative c.t.s. this is the other small city in space never happens something like that in a city like google so this is probably. one of the seam to himself of how problematic is speed to situation on the whole the whole of space. and russian security forces have shot dead two militants in the southern republic of dagestan counterterrorism officials say that special response officers moved in on a house where militants were holed up the gunman opened fire with automatic weapons and hurled grenades refusing to surrender three officers were killed and five
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others wounded in the shoot out explosives equivalent to fifty kilograms of t.n.t. were found inside the house one of the killed militants is believed to have been behind. a car blast in a russia south which killed three people last month. and in other news around the world this hour masses of protesters in thailand are refusing to back down continuing to disrupt bangkok force the government with gunshots were fired at a crowd overnight injuring at least two people prime minister shinawatra reiterated she will plough on with snap elections in february in an effort to calm the situation but demonstrators say that's not enough and demand the ousting of the country's leaders. israel's defense minister has apologized for his remarks on the u.s. secretary of state's middle east peace efforts moshe ya'alon was quoted by a newspaper saying that john kerry's attempts at israeli palestinian peace were
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messianic and obsessive the white house called the comments inappropriate kerry has been on a diplomatic push recently to outline a deal between the sides but progress has so far stalled. further eruptions from indonesia's mount in a burka have plunged swathes of the country into darkness and left at least sixteen people dead and will cain has been spewing lava since september forcing twenty six thousand people to flee to safety farmlands and homes have been blanketed by thick layers of great ash and matty families of fallen ill turn to work have been quiet for around four centuries until becoming active again in two thousand and ten. getting a job can be tough if you've got the skills the experience and the ambition but those are your face fit applicants in france say they're being discriminated against over their looks here's a tease me finished. human beauties glorified by poirot's
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syngas and artists like it or not we are drawn to beautiful people but we can't all be old paintings france is known as the world's fashion and beauty trendsetter but the gleaming smiles and slim waist line said gray's billboards and shop windows are also sets that trend with some deeply undesirable consequences and sophists planned eight years at university she has to diplomas is a to collate and thoughtful but can't find a job she says because of her size usual. ignore the people think because i'm carrying some extra weight i don't have the brains or intelligence to take up a post they were like issue really capital of doing her job and they didn't even hide it and modal appearance is like having an extra diploma which is completely wrong depressing and pure discrimination that's a foetus drives more than society as being like a carnival mirror if you don't conform to standards it sends you and others
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a negative image of yourself sid you are always a target of course today's society is far from a gift with this problems and becomes even more painful it leads to extra stress and depression it's just not fair. what ansa feast as she has been facing for years appears to be backed up by statistics. yes. we have a blonde here she got much more responses compared to an overweight person. sociologist. carried out an experiment in which he sent the same c.v. with different photos after a change in the color of this keen hair weight age and sex the results were surprising bridge to defend. there is more difference between a pretty blonde and an overweight or aging woman between someone of french origin and someone with african roots which means that discrimination by beauty and age is
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even more pronounced than race or origin based discrimination but no one pays any real attention to it. france and belgium and the only european country discrimination is against the law physical appearance is i'm a nineteen criteria that employers are not allowed to base their decision on sink into this is a very dangerous tendency people are pushed away from the market not because of a lack of qualifications but because of their hate weight or color of their eyes the person responsible for this cremation based on physical appearance could face up to three years in prison or pay a forty five thousand here a fine but people don't even consider it discrimination it's considered normal and it's old why it wasn't you know a number of associations in france as well as worldwide aim to protect the rights of their is not considered to be conventionally attractive but there are plenty who have already suffered thanks to the unofficial and unspoken beauty contest of the
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job market reflash nati from france. i would almost two million cameras watching over people's every move in london are the any safer find out in a good citizen in just a minute. as
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the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the sea oceans to cure. all your party years ago. for shoes that no one is asking with a guess that you deserve answers from. politics. the playing. field in big spirit travels with the flame from its birthplace in greece. joining james brown for an elemental and epic journey around russia and beyond.
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where i. was flying. to london the world's capital of surveillance even though the years since nine hundred eighty four you may be forgiven for imagining big brother really is watching it i can see why. six seven fourteen fifteen eighteen paolo on the ball every bit the public ground is monitored all the time of everything the three but also just because all the different companies different landowners have their own season t.v. cameras every thought that's what everybody. in the most monitored city in the world there is one camera for every fourteen people but does this intend
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surveillance keep london safe i mean in a way the streets like a kind of dangerous because that coveted c.c.t.v. but no one's watching that's what's interesting about these two to be culture if it takes away like the joy to having a mistress like natural survey the character. photographer henrietta williams cartographer george going to have mapped a ring of steel around one. financial district. forced from automated security gates and surveillance cameras anyone who enters is registered electronically and anything out of the ordinary triggers security protocols. even seemingly innocuous things like video cameras along with all the fight not to hit your ticket with your car your talent will not see or hear you we can film whichever way we want i. want it all i want to do my job at
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least rely on the private security to jump before that so if i can often won't see it all at once modeled it out at the city and in fact in most cases the streets along this walk well were given to the developers so that they kurds and the policy of complete rest rising street but also installing their defense and surveillance against terrorist attack i get sort of at you like throwing a bone pretty. surveillance systems here and just simple kindness. anyone who behaves unexpectedly triggers in our intercept agree humans can observe and evaluate behavior through the smart cameras without anyone noticing. if the camera detects an unusual event the subject is marked.
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one of the world's leading scientists behind the developments of smart chemists is professor james or one of kingston university. systems his team of developing can detect suspicious activity even before a crime occurs. their way is to present. large volumes of data over many months possibly years and so that enables the system to develop a statistical model of what is normal and maybe what is abnormal and so then there is automatic flagging of anything that is considered abnormal. in locations where thousands of people pass in front of the cameras every day it's even more difficult for the systems to determine what is normal behavior among citizens i know these people simply on their way to work.


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